MLMers – One Time




MLMers: $150

Order: One time, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Your Choice. No Contracts, No “gotchas”.

You will receive: 1000 MLMers/ batch

Many people find that working with people with MLM experience to be easier than working with people without. We have lists of people in MLM. Some will be interested, some will not. If you’re looking for people that can really bring your business to the next level, this is the list for you. This MLMer Package is sold in batches of 1000 names for $150/batch. The Leads are added to your LMS and/ sent as a csv file.

All Leads contain this contact information (First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Email address)

  • LMS (Lead Management System) for you and your team.
  • Phase2 Personalized website
  • PM Notify Instant Notification System
  • Training (400+ Archived Conference Calls, 19 Movies, 2 Online and Phone Training Courses)
  • PM Motivational Channel
  • Live and Online Customer Service and Support and Chat
  • 10% of the your order added as PM Dollars
  • New Person Advertising Package for each person you sponsor from this package (see PM Dollars for details)
  • This package also includes a Classified Ad on 15 Unique Classified Youmongus Ad Sites

*** More Bonuses: Our 4 x 2 Special
Take advantage of our 4 x 2 Packages, with a Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly order. In the 4 x 2 Special, every fourth (4) order, we will double ( x 2) the number of leads you will receive that order.

For example, order the $150 monthly order, and in the fourth month you will receive 2000 MLMer leads in the fourth month.