Welcome to the Building Fortunes Affiliate site, brought to you by Corporate Support

Using our “refuse-to-confuse” philosophy, we will keep the explanations as simple as possible.

Why the name, Building Fortunes? That’s what we do… We help people build fortunes, those that are willing to do the activities necessary to do so.

How does the Building Fortunes Affiliate program work?

We are expanding our sales force through an Active Affiliate program called Building Fortunes. You simply join for FREE, then remain active as an affiliate. You sell the products and get compensated. You can build a sales team of affiliates and get paid on their production as well.

What’s the product?

As a Building Fortunes Affiliate, you will be selling and promoting the PM Marketing product line.

This includes:

  • Home Based Business Course
  • Leads for home based businesses and products.
  • A Lead Management System (LMS).
  • An Automated Email Delivery System.
  • Phase1 – Training Guides and Resources.
  • Phase2 – Personalized Website.
  • Phase3 – Five Advanced Personalized Websites.
  • Online and Offline Training Conference Calls.
  • Our Archived Audio Files Library.
  • Your own personalized Building Fortunes website for lead sales and sponsoring.

How much does it cost to join and how do you earn money?

Signing up as a Building Fortunes Affiliate is FREE. There is no requirement to buy the product to receive compensation.

Building Fortunes Product Line starts at $19.95 per month.

Building Fortunes Advertising and Leads Packages start at $49.95 per month and includes everything listed above, plus a quantity of leads.

If you need more people to speak to, you may buy an Advertising and Leads Package. The first package is $119.95, the next is $200. Or you might want to get started with Traffic only. Click on the links above for the current packages. As you will be building your business every month as an Active Affiliate, most affiliates place a monthly order. However, you may cancel any part of your Building Fortunes Affiliate program at any time for any reason.

The person who sponsors you will earn commissions on your purchases, and you will earn commissions one of four ways:

  1. On the direct purchases of others from your building fortunes site (retail customers).
  2. On the purchases of people you personally sponsor (first level affiliates).
  3. On the purchases that your first level sales (your second level affiliates).
  4. On performance bonuses.

The commission structure is 20% on retail sales and first level Affiliates orders and 10% on second level.

If you are currently building a home based business, you will probably use the product to build that business and your new Building Fortunes Affiliate program.

Example, if you join for free and order a Building Fortunes Advertising and Leads Package Number 1 for $49.95, you will receive everything listed above and your sponsor will earn 20%. You will receive the commissions when you sponsor (through their purchases) or sell someone outside of your network too. Therefore, you will “break even” when you sponsor (through their purchases) or sell any combination of $250 total for the month on your site or through your first level affiliates. For example, if you sponsor 5 people that each order a $119.95 Leads package you will earn $119.95 and you’ll have the system to use to build your business, and you and the five people will have plenty of leads to build Building Fortunes or any other business.

Affiliates will be eligible for Performance Bonuses, too! When you have five personally sponsored Active Building Fortunes Affiliates, you will receive 20% of their Level 1 and Level 2 commission check as a Performance Bonus. An active Building Fortunes Affiliate is someone who has sold at least a $19.95 product for that month. For example, if you have five personally sponsored affiliates and they each earned $500 from their Level 1 and Level 2 commissions, you will earn an additional $100 each on these five. There is no limit to the number of people you can personally sponsor, so the more people you help build a Building Fortunes business, the more you can earn.

Your commissions are paid between the 10th and the 15th of the month following the month completed. For example, you will be paid in November, based on sales in October. Bonuses and advances may be paid earlier.

What assistance will I receive?

You will be able to take advantage of the hundreds of hours of archived conference calls, Educational Movies, the Online and Offline Training Programs, Live Recruiting and Sales Conference calls, and the customer service and training from PM Marketing Corporate Staff. Although your ultimate level of success will be determined by your own efforts and the efforts of others you sponsor, PM Marketing will strive to create the environment to help you succeed.

Your next step is to sign up as a Building Fortunes Affiliate (Free) and Place an order (Optional) to increase the number of people that see your product, business, or opportunity. There are links to sign up on the top or the bottom of this page.