Building Fortunes Prepaid Leads Package 1 – One Time




This what you receive when you order the Building Fortunes Prepaid Leads Package 1: $500

This $500 PrePaid Package is based on the pricing schedule for 4 monthly $200 Monthly packages (100 TVO, 400 Premium Opt-ins, 2000 MLMers/Business Opportunity Seekers, 2000 Traffic Visitors), when it is paid in advance (PrePaid).  You receive more TVO Leads per month. The leads will delivered over a 4 month period, unless other arrangements are made.

You will receive an $800 amount of leads for $500, when you PrePay.

This is the perfect package if you are already planning on working your business consistently.

  • 125 Telephone Verified Opt-in (TVO) Leads/month x 4 months (500 Total)
  • 400 Premium Opt-ins x 4 months (1600 Total)
  • 2000 Traffic Visitors directed to your website/ month (8000 Total)
  • 2000 MLMers/Business Opportunity Seekers x 4 months (8000 Total)
  • LMS (Lead Management System)
  • Phase2 Personalized website
  • Phase3 Marketing Websites with Movies and with Youmongus Blog
  • Making Sales or Excuses Continuous Training Course
  • PM Notify Instant Notification System
  • Training (400+ Archived Conference Calls, 19 Movies, 2 Online and Phone Training Courses)
  • Live and Online Customer Service and Support
  • 10% of the your order added as PM Dollars
  • New Person Advertising Package for each person you sponsor from this package (see PM Dollars for details)

Take advantage of our 4 x 2 Packages, with a Prepaid order.
In the 4 x 2 Package, every fourth (4) Prepaid Order, we will double ( x 2) the number of leads you will receive that Prepaid order.

(In appreciation for your business and your referrals, Extra TVO leads are added each month as a bonus, too.)
This package can be renewed after it is complete.