Business In a Box




More than less likely, you were directed here by someone you spoke to.

Therefore, here’s a simple page that outlines how to get you started on your way to owning your own economy with our ‘Business in a Box’ concept.

By now, if you have been on the Internet for any period of time, you have probably realized that flashy promotional websites with slick movies usually offer glitz and glamour accompanied by promises of profit deliver nothing else after you’ve bought.

The others are all hype and over-promotion.

We call ‘this’ our ‘Business In A Box’, because that’s what most of our customers refer to this as. Many of our customers say, ‘we have everything… it’s like a whole business in a box.’ So, that’s what we call it.

We do have almost everything you need to create your own economy. We have the products, the marketing and promotional materials and mechanisms, and the proven track record to show you how.

Now it’s your turn to control your own destiny and use our helps and guidance and sales help to turn a profit in your own business.

You cannot control the national economy.

If interest rates rise, jobs are outsourced overseas, unemployment increases and political decisions negatively impact our economy, there is nothing you, personally, can do about it.

You can only control your own personal economy. How much you earn depends upon where and for whom you work. Would it not be better if you were in control of what you do and how much you are paid? Well, if you’re that type of person, of course it would be better. We want to show you how you can regain control of your life, your freedoms and your financial well-being.

The entire purpose of ‘Business in A Box’ is to show you how to create your own business.

Some people like to attach what they are already doing to this. So the simple answer is, you are really limited by your imagination, your creativity, your efforts and your ability to use us.

  • You will be able to build your own websites with our Phase3 website builder.
  • You will be able to develop your own Blog with Youmongus Blog.
  • You will have your own Youmongus Ad Classified website.
  • You will have your own Youmongus Ad Network Personal Account.
  • You will have your own Building Fortunes Radio segment.
  • You will have access to our Home Based business Training.
  • You will have access to our Making Sales or Excuses and Master Mind and Mentoring Programs.
  • You will have access to One Reseller Program for 50 subscribers.
  • You will have access to LMS and Phase2.
  • You will have access to all weekly webinars.
  • You will have access to order additional Marketing – such as traffic, Leads, and promotional products.
  • You will have access to posts on
  • You will get 2 Coaching Sessions with Greg Dwyer.

After the first year, there’s a $1500 annual renewal fee to cover back ups, maintenance, upgrades and customizations.